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LEGAL REGULATIONS OF MR. ADVICE DISCORD GROUP I. General provisions and subject of the regulations

These Regulations set out the detailed rules for the provision of services by: International Competition Ltd, Adress: Suite 102, Ground Floor, Blake Building, Corner Eyre & Hutson Streets, Belize City, Register Number:175,671, hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider.
Services relate to providing the latest information on cryptocurrencies using the forum created in the Discord application.
The Service Provider provides Services electronically through a Public and Private Forum on the free Discord application, available at The Discord application is used for text and voice communication and has an SSl security certificate, which allows you to securely connect to the website. Discord provides an encrypted connection, i.e. data flowing in both directions is impossible to intercept. To start using the Discord application, you need to download it to a computer or mobile device, create an account and accept the “Discord Terms of Service” and “Discord’s Privacy Policy”.
Services provided by the Service Provider include: a) education and basic steps for beginners in trading; b) education in the scope of complete preparation for trading for advanced; c) operating strategy on the Binance and Bitmex trading platform; d) ready examples of signals in taking positions on the trading platform; e) Forex trading using the NAGA CAPITAL system; f) trading on shares of American companies; g) a recommendation for optimal use of the bull market period on the cryptocurrency market; h) information from the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin price analysis.
Services rendered above take place in Discord in two Forums- Public Forum which is free and Private Forum which is subject to a barter agreement.
Provision of services and their use is based on: the use of the mechanism in the legal Discord application, i.e. the Terms of Use of the Discord Service, Discord’s Privacy Policy, these Regulations providing services using the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on the provision of electronic services and the Act on consumer rights.
II. Dictionary of definitions

The names used in the Regulations and other documents used by the Service Provider are given the following meaning:

a) Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency which serves as an equivalent to the service provided, which is transferred to the Service Provider as a mutual benefit under a barter agreement;

b) Discord – a free telecommunications application used by the Service Provider to run the forums, available at:

c) MR.ADVICE Forum – an online discussion group in the Discord application, run by the Service Provider

d) Private Forum – a paid discussion forum in the Discord application

e) Public Forum – free discussion forum in the Discord application

f) Rendering of services by electronic means – performance of services rendered without simultaneous presence of the parties (at a distance) by transmitting data at the individual request of the Service Recipient, sent and received by means of electronic processing devices, including digital compression, and data storage, which is entirely transmitted, received or transmitted via a telecommunications network within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004 Telecommunications Law.

g) User – anyone who uses the services or in any other lawful manner uses the Public Forum and / or Private Forum.

III. Terms of Service

In order to properly use the Services, Internet access and downloading the Discord application are required.
The Services can be used after creating an account, accepting the Discord Regulations and after selecting the Public Forum and / or Private Forum.
The Service Provider is not responsible for technical problems or restrictions in computer equipment, mobile device, ICT system and infrastructure of telecommunication which is used by the User and which prevents them from using the Services offered by the Service Provider.
The User is obliged to comply with these Regulations, Regulations in Discord application, as well as in accordance with social norms and legal provisions.
IV. Conditions for concluding and terminating the Agreement for the provision of electronic services

The Agreement for the provision of electronic services is concluded when you click on the link, which is equivalent to joining the Forum and accepting the Regulations of the Forum.
The Service Provider generates an individual link for each User who has provided the appropriate number of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether for the Service Provider.
Access to the Private Forum is possible after providing the appropriate amount of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether for the Service Provider and after confirming the will to join Private Forum and accepting its Regulations by clicking on the link.
It is not possible to generate a separate contract for the provision of electronic services, and the Discord application only allows access to the date and time of joining the Forum from link level.
The User may terminate the use of a given service at any time. In case of the User leaving the Forum, the contract for the provision of electronic services is automatically terminated without the need to submit additional statements by the parties. The legal effects of terminating the use of the service are specified in separate regulations of the services concerned, and in their absence – mandatory applicable law applies due to the legal nature of the service rendered and the factual circumstances.
The User of the Private Forum has been informed about the exclusion of the right to withdraw from the contract pursuant to art. 38 of the Act on Consumer Rights, regarding the delivery of digital content, which the User accepts and consents to.
The User is obliged to sending funds to access the Private Forum along with a message to the Service Provider that “I accept the Regulations of Mr.Advice Group, including IV section 6 “.
V. Complaint procedure regarding the provision of electronic services

The User has the right to lodge complaints in matters related to services.
Complaints should be submitted electronically to the following address:

A properly filed complaint should contain:
User’s data (including his name, user’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, and in the case of legal persons the name, address of the registered office and contact details of the person authorised to act in matters related to the Complaint);
a thorough description of the problem underlying the Complaint.
The Service Provider reserves the right to consider a Complaint within 14 days of receipt.
The Service Provider will inform the User about the result of the examination via electronic mail to the e-mail address provided in the application.
Complaints not having all the data from paragraph 3 are not considered.
VI. Protection of intellectual property rights

The Service Provider declares that through the services rendered it provides the User with content protected by intellectual property rights.
The user who purchased the subscription has no right to disclose the login data to this account to third parties.
The User is prohibited from providing and sharing illegal content.
Copying and sharing content published by the Service Provider and others is prohibited without the consent of the Service Provider.
The User does not obtain a license or transfer of copyrights to the concluded contract. You can use the content provided only for your personal use. Making them public may result in the sanction of removing the User’s access to the Private Forum. In this case, the User is not entitled to a refund.
In the event of sharing any content located on the forum outside of the forum, the Service Provider may impose a fine on the User in the amount of ten times the sum of funds paid in subscriptions.
The Service Provider reserves the logging history of each User to verify the correctness of purchases and the use of subscriptions, i.e. 1 account = 1 user.
VII. Privacy policy and personal data processing

The User has the right to anonymous access to the MR.ADVICE Public Forum.
The User has the right to use the Public Forum under a pseudonym.
Access to the paid Private Forum requires payment and verification by the User. The User cannot be anonymous or appear under any nickname in the Private Forum. In order to join the Private Forum, you must provide your name and insert your portrait photo in the thumbnail. This data must be visible in the User Panel in the Discord application.
The Service Provider puts every effort to ensure that its processing of personal data is carried out with the greatest respect for the privacy of the persons who’s data is being processed and with the utmost care for the security of personal data being processed. It ensures that all measures provided for by law to secure personal data collections have been applied.
The Service Provider declares that technical and organisational measures are applied to ensure the protection of personal data processed appropriate to the threats and categories of data protected, and in particular protects personal data against disclosure to unauthorised persons, processing in violation of provisions to rights and loss, damage or destruction.
The Service Provider processes the User’s personal data in order to:
1) establish, change, execute or terminate the contractual relationship between the Service Provider and User;

2) fulfill legal obligations imposed on the Administrator;

3) ensure marketing and promotion of the Services, as well as sending commercial information;

4) use of telecommunications and automatic devices for marketing purposes;

5) The Service Provider complies with the following rules for the processing of personal data:

a) consolidates the collected personal data only on such carriers of information who are protected against access by third parties;

b) reports personal data files or appoints persons who will perform the required obligations in this respect;

c) supervises the security of personal data throughout the period of their possession in a way that ensures in particular protection against access by unauthorized persons, damage, destruction or loss;

d) transfers personal data to authorized entities only on the basis of applicable law;

e) keeps personal data confidential.

Personal data processed by the Service Provider are not disclosed externally in the form, which would allow any identification of the Users, unless the User has given his consent or if the obligation to disclose the collected information results from applicable law.
The Service Provider ensures that the rules adopted by him for the processing of personal data provide all Users with the exercise of their rights under the Act by applicable law, in particular the right to access data, rectificate, update, delete, limit processing, transfer, objection, withdrawal of consent, lodging a complaint to the supervisory authority. Reports regarding the Privacy Policy and thus personal data are processed according to the complaint procedure described in the Regulations.

VIII. Recommending new Users

Each User of the Private Forum is entitled to participate in the Partner Program consisting of recommending the Service Provider’s services. Details are presented in My Account->Affiliate area.

IX. Final Provisions

The Service Provider may suspend or deprive the User of the right to use the Forum and any Services with immediate effect in the event of his breach of the Regulations or of the provisions of law.
All commercial information and suggestions posted by the Service Provider are for information and educational purposes only. The Service Provider is not a financial advisor, and all information is his own analysis and opinion.
Information posted on the forums should not and / or cannot be regarded as providing and / or guaranteeing any result.
With respect to information presented on the forums, which has been posted on it or provided by third parties, the Service Provider is not responsible for the topicality, accuracy or completeness of this information, such as also for their usefulness for any activities of the User. The Service Provider does not provide any guarantee that the data or information provided as part of the forums will meet the User’s expectations as to their substantive content, completeness, accuracy or suitability.
The Service Provider is also not responsible for the use of the forums by the User in a manner contrary to the provisions of the Regulations, applicable law, or provisions of agreements in force between the Service Provider and the User.
The Service Provider may change the Regulations at any time, of which the Users will be informed by indicating the date of the last amendment to the Regulations. The change takes effect on the date indicated by the Service Provider.