Who we are?

Probably each of us, before joining the Mr.Advice project, was looking for answers to questions such as: “Can digital currencies ensure financial stability?”, “Can I earn money online?”, “I will really be able to quit my job and earn money from every place in the world?”.
Do you have similar thoughts? We assume so and we are glad that your search for answers has led you to us, and since you have already arrived, let yourself believe that there is another side of the mirror.
CEO Mr. Advice has been dealing with the subject and business of cryptocurrencies for years. An idea springs up in his head and you slowly become a participant. We want you to know that the idea has evolved. Mr.Advice is not one man anymore – it is a project created by many people, running their businesses and companies in various areas of the economy. Let yourself benefit from this mine of experience.
Our activities mainly revolve around cryptocurrencies. We follow trends and react to them. First of all, we try to build your financial awareness.
We create a well-coordinated, strong team of specialists for each field. We will help you feel conscious, responsible, strong in this world – able to earn money always, even when world crises lead to a global recession.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do this without your help! We can only show you the way, but you must take the first and each subsequent step that will bring you closer to your personal success!

You will master the world of cryptocurrencies in 3 months and develop your new financial reality.

Mr.Advice Crypto and Trading is more than just copy-ready trader signals. With us, you will get knowledge not only about how to play the upcoming bull market, play the signals given and maximize profits. For us, the most important thing is education.

On our forum you will go through a full course on trading and everything related to navigating the world of cryptocurrencies. During the course, after going through the entire training material, you will take a voice test on the Zoom platform so we can be sure that you are ready. Our specialists will make sure that you are well prepared to enter this amazing world and will answer all your questions during the course.

Our main goal at the Mr.Advice Crypto and Trading forum is to educate our members. We are convinced that after 3 months you will be fully prepared to trade and navigate the world of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, our members create an amazing atmosphere so that participation in this project is more than just business. We are glad that you are here with us.

How to join?

Step 1

You need to start your adventure by joining our paid channel in the Dicord app. You will find the link below and the installation and registration process itself is very smooth. The first part of our forum will appear in front of you.

Step 2

Read the entire Before You Begin feed carefully. There you will find legal regulations and forum rules. Select the package that interests you and pay according to the instructions. The only thing left to do is accept the regulations and send a request to verify the account.

Step 3

After successful verification, you will also be added to Telegram groups. You are almost ready to begin your adventure. Read the pinned messages in each of the channels in the Telegram application and finally, say hello to the group on the Debata channel :).

IMPORTANT! After purchasing access, a simple exam awaits you. You will receive an additional 7 days to prepare for it. The materials will be available on the platform in the “Knowladge Base” section. The subscription validity period starts from the date of purchase. If you know the basics of operating on the market, you can take the exam faster. Sundays are free from work, the company gives 4 days of validity of the monthly subscription.