#36 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice

#36 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice

The first episodes of Difficult Cases and Technical videos are already on Youtube channel

Good morning!

This week the market is testing our patience, attitude and position hedging skills! Don’t give up, stick to your strategy, remember that dips are the natural order of things in the market and stay alert!

On Aaron Kuczynski Youtube you will find some interesting videos to watch. And now I invite you to the analysis and some important information!


The Bitcoin price oscillated near the $20,000 support zone before the bulls appeared. BTC formed a base and started an upward wave above the $22,000 level. It is currently (04:02 UTC) consolidating near $22,300 and facing resistance near $23,000. BTC is up almost 4% in a day and down 26% in a week.

Similarly, most major altcoins are trying to start a new wave of unwinding. ETH is facing resistance near $1,220 and $1,250. XRP broke through resistance at the $0.32 level. ADA broke out above the USD 0.50 resistance zone.

After extending the downtrend, bitcoin price found support near the key $20,000 zone. BTC formed a base and started an upward correction above the $21,200 level. There was a move above the USD 22,500 resistance. However, the bulls failed to push the price above the USD 23,000 level and BTC headed towards USD 22,200 again. The next important resistance is located near the USD 23,200 level.

On the downside, initial support is located near the USD 22,000 level. The next important support is near the USD 21,200 zone, below which the price could resume declines.

There could be a bounce on ETH towards the previously mentioned levels ($1400-1600) and BTC (23-25K), this will be an opportunity to sell porphyry nets from below or exit what for some with full repurchase bags lower. Either way you can see the light at the tunnel in this bloody market. As if I had to describe it a local top for accumulation may be building.


1. The first episode of the Difficult Cases series “How do I identify a problem and find a solution?” was posted on Youtube 7 days ago! Watch it HERE and be ahead of the problems.

2. The first episode in the new tech recording series “Pumps in the crypto market?” is also featured on Youtube. Knowledge stays with us forever, and it’s better to know than not to know. Check out the video HERE.


  • Visa launches ‘Bitcoin Cashback’ cards with partners in Brazil and Argentina

Payments giant Visa has launched its first cryptocurrency cards in the Latin American region – and will debut the new products in Brazil and Argentina through several new partner companies.

As reported by Expansión, Visa has announced partnerships with various fintech companies and IT startups in Brazil and Argentina that will allow “users to transact” with Visa cards – and receive cryptocurrency cash back every time they spend money.

In a statement, the company explained that the move “includes recently launched cryptocurrency card programmes and partnerships” with fintech service providers and cryptocurrency exchange startups in the region.

Source: https://cryptonews.com/


1) The market is going crazy this week and we expect further declines, so stay alert, secure your positions and drop by Aaron Kuczynski’s Youtube channel where you can find videos on psychology in the market.

2. We would like to remind you that the qualification for the autumn Mastermind lasts until the end of the day on 30.06! 


To get to the Mastermind (we are combining the qualification together with the organization InSeed and DexLaboratory).

1. There will be 2 ways to get the opportunity to go: On GoldenKeys, GoldenCourse, GALIB Futures products – 1$ turnover = 1 point. On other products $1 turnover = 0.5 pts. So by selling GK for $97 you have 97 points and by selling DEX you have half in points. 

2) To get on the trip 100% covered by the company – you need to get a point sale of 4000. 

3) Scoring 2000-3999 points = trip subsidy 2500 PLN on your side, the rest is paid by the company. 

4. Participation in MasterMind without referral = 5900 PLN. Accompanying person = meeting the condition of 8000 points in total or extra 5900 PLN. So you can simply pay for a place and fly with the whole team and people from the qualification 🙂 Time: we start on 07.07.2012 

Time: Qualification starts from 07.06 at 18:00 until 23:59 on 30.06. 

Departure date: last week of August – beginning of September. 

Location: Turkey, in the best rated part of the country! 

Hotel: 5***** – ULTRA all inclusive (that means you have everything in any quantity for 24H 😎) 

Wishing you safe positions and a profitable week!

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