#35 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice

#35 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice

Hello on Wednesday!

In today’s newsletter you’ll find out how the market is doing, you’ll find a summary of the May results and the ranking of our recommendation plan, information about 3 cool events in the coming days and the hottest topic, the qualification launch for our fall MASTERMIND!


After today’s drop from $31,500 to $30,000, bitcoin has recovered somewhat and is currently trading near $30,500 again. BTC has gained 3% in a single day and is down 4% in a week.

Similarly, most of the major altcoins are facing key hurdles. ETH has failed to stay above the $1,850 resistance zone. XRP is falling below the $0.40 level. ADA has corrected gains but is still near $0.65.

After a steady rise, bitcoin’s price failed to break through the $31,500 resistance zone. BTC corrected lower and briefly found itself below the $30,000 zone before recovering towards $30,500. On the downside, the first support is located near the USD 30,000 level. The next important support is near the USD 29,500 zone, below which the price may start another sharp decline. 

On the upside, the price may encounter sellers near the USD 31,000 level. The next key resistance is near the USD 31,500 level, above which the price may start a sustained rise.


1. Summary of May results:

2. Referrals ranking:

3. Youtube-material “What actions are important in tough times?”. Be sure to watch it HERE!

4. FlatForFlip NFT mint was held on 31/05/2022.

5. Youtube- “Crypto as a pillar of financial diversification in the current times”. If you are still wondering why you need crypto then you need to see THIS video!


09.06-12.06 (TOMORROW!)

CONSENSUS 2022 by CoinDesk

Consensus, one of the most influential crypto and blockchain events since 2015, organised by CoinDesk will return to an offline format and will be held for the first time in Austin, Texas. It is the only festival showcasing and celebrating all sides of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT and Web 3 ecosystems and their wide-ranging impact on commerce, culture and communities. Given the importance of the event we can expect to see some of the biggest names in the digital asset industry there.

14.06.2022 POZNAŃ

Trading+ Vol.4

Another edition of the Blockchain Zone will be held already on 15 June. This time the main theme of the event will be the future of energy and its impact

on the cryptocurrency market, especially on the mining market (digging cryptocurrencies) and the topic of digitalization of the currency in Poland.

20-21.09 AMSTERDAM

Blockchain Expo Europe 2022

Blockchain Expo will return to Europe in September 2022 hosting an event in Amsterdam. The event will bring together key industries from around the world for two days of top-level content and discussions across 4 co-located events covering: Blockchain, IoT, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.


1. Qualification for the autumn Mastermind has started!

Mastermind holiday 2022 AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 🤩🤩🤩

My dears, the time has come to announce the next #MASTERMIND edition ABROAD ! 🤩Looking at the line-up, at the potential favourites and … zero restrictions, in our opinion this will be the TOP2 mastermind ( maybe it will beat the top, who knows 😎 ) since we’ve been organising it ( since 2017 so 5 years ). 


To get to the mastermind ( we are combining the qualification together with the organization InSeed and DexLaboratory ) 

  1. There will be 2 ways to qualify for the trip:  On GoldenKeys, GoldenCourse, GALIB Futures products – 1$ turnover = 1 point. On all other products 1$ turnover = 0.5 points. So selling GK for $97 gives you 97 points, selling DEX will give you half the points. 
  • To get on the trip 100% covered by the company – you need to get a point sale of 4000. 
  • Scoring 2000-3999 points = trip subsidy 2500 PLN on your side, the rest is paid by the company. 
  • Participation in Mastermind without referrals = 5900 PLN. Accompanying person = meeting the condition of 8000 points in total or extra 5900 PLN. So you can simply pay for a place and fly with the whole team and people from the qualification 🙂

Time: Qualification starts from 07.06 at 18:00 until the end of 30.06 at 23:59. 

Departure date: last week of August – beginning of September. 

Location: Turkey, in the best rated part of the country ! 

Hotel: 5***** – ULTRA all inclusive ( meaning you have everything in any quantity for 24H 😎 )

This is the first Mastermind you can go to with your other half. During the Mastermind there will be sessions interspersed with knowledge and lots of integration. There will be challenges in groups and at the end prizes from the company. There will be a REAL holiday combined with knowledge (probably it will pay for itself later 😎 ), integration and meeting valuable people 😝 There will also be a challenge for referrers: who will show balls and gain qualifications 😎 It’s a threshold for everyone ! I’ll hint that it’s worth fighting until the end, even if you’ll still miss it … don’t let go 🙂 We have something extra to spice things up 🙂We’ll make sure you get it.

Well, we are keeping our fingers crossed for you !


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