#32 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice

#32 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice

Why the price of bitcoin will fall, why not below 34k and why the next3 years need to be saved?

Hello and welcome after the May weekend!

We hope you’ve relaxed and had a nice time. And we immediately invite you to market analysis, a recap of the previous week, interesting events and plans for this week!


After forming a base above $38,000, the bitcoin price started an upward correction. BTC managed to cross the resistance levels of USD 38,500 and USD 38,800 and climbed above USD 39,000. The next obstacle is still the USD 39,200 level. A close above USD 39,200 could open the door for a sustained rise towards USD 40,000.

If an upward breakout does not occur, the price could fall below USD 38 500. First to US$ 38,660, then possible further US$ 38,100, US$ 37,100 and US$ 36,400 and US$ 35,400.

More in the QUICK MAY ANALYSIS from yesterday, and the answer to why you need to save for the next 3 years can be found in the April 28 material HERE!


1. The #GMT project did +170%.

2. The #FAMEMMA project made up to 700% for our users

3. Project #FITFI played several times, the information given yesterday about the maximum range of decline allowed to make 43% profit in 4h.

4. Aaron recorded a very important material about leverage. Be sure to see it HERE.


In this issue I want to introduce you to two interesting events. The first one will be of interest to gamers and the second one to all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. Both events are free of charge.

  • 7 June                                BLOCKCHAIN FOR GAMING

The BSV Blockchain Association invites you to an event dedicated to blockchain-based gaming with speakers from Haste Arcade, PowChess, FYX Gaming and HandCash in addition to speakers from BA.

The speakers will include experts from around the world who will share their tips and knowledge on how the gaming industry is moving towards blockchain and why it’s time to explore the unlimited possibilities of blockchain-based gaming.

Registration for the event

  • 9 September                     CryptoVerse Expo #2 Poland        

This is a conference and trade show organised by almost the entire industry community in Poland. Experts, enthusiasts, influencers and cryptocurrency projects from our local backyard will appear on stage.

Registration for the event


Zooms with CryptoAaron:

Thursday                  12:00                 Important market issues

Wishing you a great rest of the week!

Mr.Advice TEAM

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