European Union approves controversial, privacy-invasive cryptocurrency rules

European Union approves controversial, privacy-invasive cryptocurrency rules

In my last newsletter, I reported on the upcoming vote in the European Union Parliament on legislation governing cryptocurrency transactions. The vote took place today and the result was met with great criticism.

The legislation seeks to outlaw anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, a cornerstone of cryptocurrencies that industry critics say stifles innovation and violates privacy.

The European Union says the proposed new rules aim to strengthen anti-money laundering by extending requirements for fiat and bank transactions above €1,000 to the cryptocurrency sector. The rules also remove the lower threshold for cryptocurrency payments, meaning that payers and recipients of even the smallest crypto amounts will be identified, for transactions using unhosted and self-hosted wallets. 

In December 2021, national governments announced their desire to abolish the €1,000 threshold for cryptocurrencies, reasoning that digital payments are able to circumvent this limit very easily and also include private wallets that are not hosted by regulated crypto asset providers. 

Members of the European People’s Party (EPP) have opposed many of the more controversial changes, condemning in particular the ban on standalone wallets. EPP economic spokesman Markus Ferber wrote in an emailed statement: “Such proposals are neither justified nor proportionate. With this approach to regulating new technologies, the European Union will fall even further behind other, more open jurisdictions.” 

Another legal proposal that was discussed at today’s meeting would stop transfers made to “non-compliant” crypto service providers, meaning those that operate in the European Union without authorisation or are not affiliated with or based in any jurisdiction. 

Overly strict rules on privacy breaches could face legal problems in European Union courts. For them to come into force, plans must be agreed by both Parliament and national ministers, who meet as the Council of the European Union. 

We will keep an eye on this thread and report on developments.

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