Mr.ADVICE celebrates its 2nd birthday today ! 🎊🥂

Mr.ADVICE celebrates its 2nd birthday today ! 🎊🥂
So we have gifts for everyone. Lots of gifts 🎉🔑
Let’s start from the beginning, because there’s a bit of it:

🎁 All purchases from 12pm today until tomorrow 19 March 12pm – we’re discounting by 18%!

🎁 Shopping over $180 total – plus you’ll get a free pass to the Mr.Advice live open meeting ( April / May ) ! The meeting + integration will take place in central Poland!

🎁 Doing shopping for over $450 in total – we’ll reduce your cart value by 36% !

🎁 Additionally, each person who will have the above mentioned $450 in their cart – in addition to the discount and free entry, will receive a free test month to a new futures trader joining in the befriended organization InSeed. The trader is a person from abroad and has an unusual style of play, not yet known to either the InSeed or Mr.Advice community. This could be something interesting 🙂 Currently in the befriended company you can buy the package of Soulman trader again, whom we consider the best scalper we had the opportunity to meet. 

🎁 And at the very end a gift for everyone 🙂 On Saturday 19 March from 9:00 to 17:00 – for 8H we will beat the world record in AMA. AMA – Ask Me Anything will be hosted by CryptoAaron himself and in a specially prepared Live you will be able to listen to lectures or ask as many questions as you want for 8H ! A totally powerful day for every active user ! 

*Discounts are added automatically, you don’t have to enter any coupon 🙂 

**Discounts are not combinable with other promotions. 

🎉🎉 And something for marketing to earn extra money 🙂 All referrals during these 24H are bonus ! For each sale of any product, your % from referrals is +33% ! 

As you know CryptoAaron Golden Keys group or Golden Course of almost 70 lessons, also recorded by CryptoAaron, are very popular. You can read fresh opinions of our users about the group or the course, which are numerous 🙂

See you on the courses and in Golden Keys 🙂 

Thank you for over 2 years of trust. Recent changes brought only good things. For the 3rd birthday we will prepare something special 🙂

Let’s celebrate 2nd birthday of Mr.Advice together ! 🥂


18/03/2022 Mr.Advice TEAM

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