#24 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice

#24 NEWSLETTER Mr.Advice
Can you forget about your wallet with 407 BTC?
How many users does Sandbox virtual world have?
Will you really pay in crypto in Switzerland and New York?

In this newsletter, you will find out what interesting things are happening with Bitcoin in relation to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, what is happening in the crypto world outside of these events and what’s going on at Mr.Advice.

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  • Bitcoin held near weekly lows on March 7, and investors’ turn to safety did not do the cryptocurrency markets any favours. Data from TradingView showed that BTC/USD bounced off the $37,600 level overnight and then rose by some $1,000. The pair was under pressure at the close of the week, bringing it to its lowest levels this month. The reason could be reports of Western sanctions on Russia being extended to include an oil embargo. The panicky atmosphere favours gold prices, which are at their highest price since 2020.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com

  • Dormant since 2013, the portfolio with 407 BTC is waking up to life. The current value of the wallet is $15.5 million, up from $355,254 in 2013, an increase of 4.266%. The dormant wallets are causing excitement because they could potentially be the wallets of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Source: https://u.today



The Sandbox metaverse ecosystem has announced that it already has two million registered users, and its Alpha Season 2 has already launched. At the launch of Sandbox Alpha Season 2, all registered users will have access to a variety of metaverse experiences including Snoop Dogg’s Foreplay, Star Ferry Pier and more.

Source: https://crypto.news


Binance exchange creates its own fiat-to-crypto payment provider. Bifinity supports 50 cryptocurrencies and major payment methods like Visa and Mastercard. 


The Swiss city of Lugano has announced the launch of its own LVGA Points token currency as a means of payment. LVGA Points is expected to be joined by Bitcoin and Tether. 

The city revealed its plans at Lugano’s Plan B event. Representatives from the city and Tether’s CTO Paolo Adoino announced a collaboration that will create a $100 million incentive fund. All startups that relocate to Lugano can benefit from this fund. 

Source: cointelegraph.com


  • Residents of New York cannot buy and sell the cryptocurrency created for their city. NewYorkCityCoin was created to “give the power to support, repair and program the city that never sleeps”, but no exchange that meets the licensing required by New York City offers NewYorkCityCoin. The token cannot be bought or sold, but New York City residents have the option to use the mined token.

Source: https://www.cryptoglobe.com

  • The Virginia State Senate has approved a landmark cryptocurrency banking bill that “allows banks in the Commonwealth to provide virtual currency storage services as long as the bank has appropriate protocols in place to effectively manage the associated risks.” The bill would allow Virginia-based banks to hold the keys to a cryptocurrency wallet. 

Source: https://finbold.com


It has been two weeks since dictator Putin began his invasion of Ukraine. Nearly 2 million refugees have crossed into Ukraine to escape the war. 

Cryptocurrency donations to Ukrainian causes slowed over the weekend, with reports revealing that around 40% of Ukrainian military suppliers accept cryptocurrency payments. The Ukrainian government and non-profit organisations supporting the military raised less than $2m over the weekend, according to cryptocurrency security firm Slowmist. Ukraine had raised $63.4 million by March 4. That number dropped to USD 62.2 million on 5 March, likely due to a drop in cryptocurrency prices. By 6 March, cryptocurrency donations in Ukraine totalled just over $64.1m, up by around $1.1m from donations raised two days earlier.

Ethereum donations surpassed bitcoin donations. According to Elliptic’s latest data, Ether accounts for 33.7% of all cryptocurrency donations, while bitcoin accounts for 31.2% of donations.

 Source: https://www.elliptic.co

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