#21 Mr.Advice NEWSLETTER

#21 Mr.Advice NEWSLETTER
Good morning on Monday! 
First of all we would like to wish you a very happy Valentines’ Day. Love yourself, your partner/partner and of course crypto!
And now I invite you to review the crypto press highlights from the previous week.

  • Bitcoin price fell below the $42,000 support zone

The Bitcoin price failed to stay above the $43,200 level and prolonged the decline. BTC fell below the $42,000 level and entered a bearish zone. It is possible that it will return to the USD 40,000 zone.

  • Ethereum broke through $3,000 support, XRP fell below $0.80

The Ethereum price also followed Bitcoin and fell below the $3,000 support, dropping 2% in one day. ETH even fell below the $2,880 support level. The next important support is near $2,750, below which the price could slide to $2,550.

  • Many altcoins fell by 5%-10%

Solana (SOL) has failed to stay above the $100 level. If the bears remain in action, the price could test support at the $85 level. On the upside, the previous support at the USD 100 level could be a strong resistance.

Binance (BNB) fell almost 3% and there was a clear move below the $400 level. The next key support is near USD 385, below which the price may dive towards the USD 365 level in the near term.

DOGE is consolidating near the USD 0.145 level. If there is a breakout below the USD 0.145 level, the price could fall to USD 0.132. Otherwise, the price could rise towards the $0.155 resistance.

Many other altcoins are down 5%-10%, including AVAX, DOT, MATIC, ATOM, NEAR, ALGO, XLM, MANA, SAND, EGLD, THETA, AXS and XTZ.  Meanwhile, XEM is up more than 1%, surpassing the $0.10 level.

Source: https://cryptonews.com

  • Cryptocurrencies and stocks fall amid rising Russia-Ukraine tensions

On Friday, US President Joe Biden called on Americans to leave Ukraine immediately, warning that “an invasion could begin at any time”. For now, the US has ruled out sending troops to Ukraine, despite Russia’s military actions.

Source: https://www.cnbc.com 

  • European Commission plans to introduce digital euro banknote in 2023

The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union (EU), plans to present a draft bill for a digital euro in 2023. The bill will complement the European Central Bank’s (ECB) experiments in retail digital currency for the European Union.

The Commission’s plans for the bill are the most definitive signal yet that the digital euro could become a reality in the coming years. Since last year, the ECB has given mixed signals about the future of the digital euro. In September, just before the start of the ECB’s two-year enquiry into the digital euro, an ECB official said that the draft did not guarantee the digital currency. Later, ECB board member Fabio Panetta said that a potential digital euro would “probably” be legal tender.

Source: https://www.coindesk.com

  • NFT-linked property sells for $650k

Propy, a real estate startup, has sold its first NFT-linked property in the US, the company announced on Friday. The 2,164-square-foot home in Gulfport, Fla, fetched a price of $653,000 (210 ETH) at auction, with the winning bidder receiving a non-transferable token as proof of ownership of the home.

Source : https://www.coindesk.com

What’s up with Mr.Advice?

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  • Auctions for WOŚP 

Thank you to everyone who actively participated in our auctions for the account of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOSP) ❤️. 

Below we present you the results: 

1. Dinner with Adam “Aaron” Kuczynski – PLN 1025.00 ❣️

2. Ride with Adam in a sports car such as Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. – PLN 1000.00 ❣️

3. Lifetime access to Aarons’ package – PLN 1875.00 ❣️

In total we managed to collect PLN 3900,00 ❤️

Congratulations on winning auctions! See you on the next Mr.Advice Charity actions! 

  • Zoom calendar for the new week:

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Wednesday              18:30              Strategy elements

Friday                        11:30              Market analysis + update

Have a good week!

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