Polkadot fights for FC Barcelona shirt sponsorship

Polkadot fights for FC Barcelona shirt sponsorship
The time is approaching to change the shirt sponsorship of FC Barcelona, the Spanish football giant. The club has revealed that competition between potential petitioners is hot as Polkadot looks to take Rakuten’s place.

Competing with the leading blockchain network are serious rivals such as Spotify and wellness brand Vegan Nation.

Rakuten has been the club’s main sponsor since 2017, but seems content to end the deal as it slows down its impressive growth caused by lockdown.

In revealing the bidders, FC Barcelona explained that they are looking for a long-term deal with a sponsor who is a standout innovative business.

In a statement, the club said: “Polkadot is a cryptocurrency exchange platform… which by allowing multiple transactions per second has become innovative.”

“The club has approached the matter with great patience and thoroughly vetted all candidates to select the most advantageous long-term agreement.”

Big chance or strategic game

With names like Alves and Pedri, the biggest names in Spanish football could soon be marketing Polkadot at games around the world. Such pleasure does not come cheap.  FC Barcelona values its sponsorship at an insane €75 million.

Looking at these high costs, one can guess that Polkadot has recalculated this offer. The network intends to attract fresh retail investors so that DOT can regain ground in the top ten cryptocurrencies (by market capitalisation).

It is also an attempt to showcase the success of large companies such as FTX and crypto.com, which actively use marketing through sports sponsorships. 

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