#17 Newsletter Mr.Advice

#17 Newsletter Mr.Advice

Coingecko – a useful tool for finding basic information about cryptocurrencies

In the latest issue of the newsletter, I will introduce you to www.coingecko.com as an excellent tool for navigating the cryptocurrency market. Here you will find the most important information about cryptocurrencies available on the market. How to navigate through it? I invite you to a short tutorial.

The first thing each of you needs to do is to type www.coingecko.com into your browser. It is also worth creating an account. At first glance you can see a list of cryptocurrencies sorted by marketcap.

How you want to arrange them is entirely up to you. To do this, click on one of the options marked on the image below. Here is how you can arrange the data:

  • By name (Coin)
  • By price
  • By price changes on individual intervals (1h, 24h, 7d)
  • By trading volume (24h Volume)
  • Market capitalisation (Mkt Cap)
  • Last 7 Days chart

At the very top you will find data:

  • On the number of cryptocurrencies listed on coingecko (Coins)
  • Number of exchanges (Exchanges)
  • Total market capitalisation (Market Cap)
  • Trading volume in the last 24 hours (24h Vol)
  • Domination of individual cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH)
  • Price per transaction fee on Ethereum network (Gas)

Clicking on the candy jar will take you to the option of collecting candies, which can then be exchanged for prizes. If you collect your sweets for 7 days, this number increases each day (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100). Rewards include discounts, ebooks, rebates, NFTs, avatars and more. You collect them in the rewards tab.

In the search engine on the right you search for the cryptocurrency you are interested in and can find basic information about it.

What information about a particular cryptocurrency will you find here?
Under the name there is information about the price, price difference in 24 hours, value to BTC and ETH. Below that is the following information:

  • Market capitalization (Market Cap)
  • 24 Hour Trading Volume (Trading volume in last 24 hours)
  • Daily Diluted Valuation
  • Total Value Locked
  • Fully Diluted Ratio / TVL Ratio
  • Market Cap / TVL Ratio (ratio of market capitalization to total locked value)
    On the right side in the info section there is information about:
  • Contract (Cryptocurrency address on the given network – ETH, BSC, SOL, AVAX)
  • Website
  • Explorers (Browsers with a list of transactions on a given network)
  • Website
  • Community (Social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit)
  • Source Code (Link to source code on Github)
  • API id (Api)
  • Tags (Coins found in/associated with the FTM network)

Cryptocurrencies can be sorted in any way you choose. The available options are:

  • Market Cap Rank (Market Capitalisation)
  • Recently Added
  • Categories (By ecosystems)
  • Discover (Trending cryptocurrencies, most selected, positive sentiment)
  • Large Movers (The biggest ups and downs)
  • High Volumes
  • Derivatives
  • Perpetuals (Prices on individual futures exchanges)
  • Futures (Prices on individual exchanges in a leveraged market)

You can also sort by exchanges:

  • Spot
  • DEX (Decentralised)
  • Derivatives (leveraged)

It is also possible to review NFT tokens:

  • NFTs & Collectibles (companies offering tokens for collection)
  • NFT Spotlight (news)
  • NFT Related Coins (ranking)

In the “Publications” section you will find market news and guides

A very interesting tab is “Resources”. You will find there:

  • Earn Crypto (earning opportunities)
  • Yield Farming (earning opportunities)
  • Compare Coins (cryptocurrency comparison engine)
  • Explore All Coins (cryptocurrency browser)
  • Bitcoin Halving (countdown to halving)
  • Bitcoin Treasury (companies’ exposure to BTC)
  • Ethereum Treasury (company exposure to ETH)
  • Beam Updates
  • Latest News

The last tab called “Products” contains mostly information about the Coingecko website itself and all things related to it.

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