#16 Newsletter Mr.Advice

#16 Newsletter Mr.Advice
Blankos – the next big production in the Play2Earn trend?

Blankos is a game created by Mythical Games, whose developers in the past have created hits such as “Call of duty”, “World of worldcraft”, “Guitar hero” and “Skylander”. In the game at the start you get 2 free blankos, or people, to play with. Each of them has its own hidden special skils, which you can choose. They make the game easier, but I haven’t noticed any significant impact on the game (maybe because I don’t have a good blancos myself).  The free blankos are #1 and #3 in the image below from the left. Blankos #2 is Krampus, which I bought for $9.99, and Blankos #4 is King Karat, which I received for free thanks to blankos’ partnership with Amazon and was available for pickup along with another NFT on Amazon’s site.

There are three gameplay options in the game itself: 

-A race where the goal is to place as high as possible,
-Collecting lightning, where you have to collect as many points as possible (pink lightning – 1 point, blue lightning – 5 points, yellow lightning – 10 points),
-Shooting, where you have to kill as many people as possible to win or so that your team can win. 

By playing these different game modes you gain XP (experience) and unlock more rewards for completing daily, weekly and monthly tasks. These rewards include XP tokens, green tokens with a cow symbol and blankos tokens that can be exchanged for other things. There is also the option to buy partypass+ so that you can receive more rewards and points. The rewards you can get are: NFT characters, character accessories (helmet, goggles, jetpack, armband, necklace etc).

Each blankos after reaching LVL15 and enough balls can evolve to the next level or merge with another blankos to create a unique character. You can combine up to 4 blankos.

You can also buy Blankos in the shop, on the marketplace and trade with other users there. 

You can buy a maximum of 4 of the same blankos on the shop – you can play one and keep the other 3 in packs and sell them as new now or in the future or open them all and combine them into a much better blankos. Every blankos that is available on the marketplace and its official sale is over will not go on sale again. You can then buy them on the marketplace from other users, usually at a much higher price. Blankos can be bought either in-game for the earned points/tokens or by using a credit card.

At www.blankos.com in the shop you can buy new blankos and accessories.

In the marketplace, you can trade with other users and buy and sell your blankos and items from them. The price you can get depends quite often on the number your character/accessories have, the lower it is (1,2,3,4 etc.) the higher the value is likely to be.

As for the game itself and my opinion about it, I am very positively surprised. Graphics is very good, music also deserves attention. In fact it is very playable, and the challange and rewards motivate to play and get more characters and items. Also just investing in new figures and the possibility to earn money on them is a very tempting option. What may seem a little boring is actually only three gameplay modes, which after a while simply get boring. However, the game is in early access and by getting into it now you can make a lot of money in the future if it actually catches a big community high and the gameplay develops. Every person who is looking for something new I encourage to test this position. Will it be a new Axie infinity or Sandbox? I don’t know and I won’t answer this question to anyone.

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