New York mayor will get his first paycheck in Bitcoins

New York mayor will get his first paycheck in Bitcoins
Eric Adams doesn’t see the drop in Bitcoin’s price as a problem. On the contrary, he thinks it’s a good time to buy.

Eric Adams – the newly elected mayor of New York City and apparently a crypto enthusiast – has once again shown his support for basic cryptocurrency. He assessed that the recent price drop could provide some opportunities for investors and reaffirmed his previous stance by indicating that he would receive his first three paychecks in BTC.

First three paychecks in BTC

It is safe to say that the new mayor has not changed his stance on BTC despite the recent price drops. In an interview with CNBC, Adams seemed unfazed by these adverse events and indeed said that sometimes investors can deploy capital by investing in certain assets when they experience similar declines.

Launching his new political role, the 61-year-old American vowed to receive his next three paychecks in Bitcoin instead of dollars. In a recent speech, he confirmed his wish and said:

“I’m going to take my first three payouts in Bitcoin. I have not yet received my first cheque.

It is worth noting that he is not the only US politician who wants to make money in cryptocurrencies. Before him, in south Florida, the mayor of Miami – Francis Suarez has already announced that he will receive his salary in BTC.

During his campaign last year, Adams promised to transform New York City into a “cyber security hub, autonomous car hub, drone hub and Bitcoin hub”. It seems that this pledge is still on the agenda:

“We need to leverage blockchain technology, Bitcoin, with all other forms of technology.  I want New York to be the centre of this technology.”

Children should learn about BTC in schools

Last November, Adams doubled down on his crypto support, describing Bitcoin and alternative coins as “a new way to pay for goods and services around the world”.

As a result, he urged US schools to add a new subject to enable younger generations to learn about Bitcoin and its technology:

 “We need to open up our schools to teach technology”.

The politician then suggested that his administration could allow local businesses to accept BTC and other digital assets as a form of payment. However, the initiative will be carefully studied beforehand, Adams explained.

10/01/2022 – Mr.Advice NEWS

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