Ozzy Osbourne enters the NFT space with ‘Cryptobatz’

Ozzy Osbourne enters the NFT space with ‘Cryptobatz’
Ozzy Osbourne has announced his entry into the crypto industry with the launch of his own NFT collection, Cryptobatz. It pays homage to one of the most iconic (or bizarre, as some might say) moments in music history.

With his NFT debut, the former Black Sabbath singer now joins a long list of supporters that includes American heavy metal bands Megadeth and Avenged Sevenfold, among others.

Osbourne’s dalliances with bats are nothing new. His latest NFT collection is a reference to his infamous bat-biting incident, which dates to his live performance in Iowa on 20 January 1982. After the incident, Osbourne claimed he thought the bat was a toy thrown by an audience member. However, the “batz” in his NFT collection is one of a kind.

Osbourne revealed that he had been trying to “get it at an NFT auction” for a long time.  It was only after many failed attempts to buy one that he decided to create one.

“I had been trying to get into NFT stock for a while, so when I asked Sharon for a Bored Ape for Christmas after several unsuccessful attempts to buy my own and she refused, I decided to create my own.”

According to reports, the ‘CryptoBatz‘ series will contain 9666 unique NFT bats and will be released in January 2022. Meanwhile, pre-orders for the NFT collection are now open via the CryptoBatz Discord channel. Interested users will be able to purchase up to 3 non-convertible wallet tokens.

The music legend’s NFT collection is anything but mundane. The CryptoBat includes a surprise that shows a solid representation of an incident nearly four decades ago that has been imprinted into the minds of metal fans around the world.

Each CryptoBat will be able to ‘bite’ another NFT in the user’s digital wallet. It doesn’t stop there. Owners will also be able to mutate Cryptobatz with other collections and create new NFTs called “MutantBatz”.

These “MutantBatz” will allow users to integrate NFTs from well-known players such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), SupDucks, Cryptotoadz, among others.

As part of the NFT release, Osbourne will also launch a treasure hunt, dubbed ‘AncientBatz’, which will allow CryptoBatz holders to search for tokens around the world. Once discovered, non-exchangeable AncientBat tokens will be able to bite other tokens up to 100 times, as well as multiply 100 MutantBatz.

30/12/2021 – Mr.Advice NEWS

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