#14 Newsletter Mr.Advice

#14 Newsletter Mr.Advice
ETH, SOL, MATIC moon?…
Today we will be covering the interesting topic of the altseason and what Matt Hougan thinks about it. Enjoy reading!

Let’s start with who exactly is Matt Hougan?
He is an expert in crypto, ETFs, financial technology, and the chief investment officer at Bitwise Asser Menagment.
He probably knows what he’s talking about 🙂
Matt claims that three Cryptocurrencies will dominate in 2022, and they are…

Ethereum – ETH, the cryptocurrency that everyone probably has in their wallet, even the smallest amounts. It was created in 2013 by Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin, but was launched in 2015. Ether is used for smart contracts and app development through a decentralized P2P network.
“The goal of ETH is to become a decentralized application platform that enables users from around the world to write and run censorship- and fraud-resistant software,” Buterin said.
“It looks like there will be a massive explosion of activity around ETH and other such solutions. In my opinion, investors will be investing in ethereum, solane and polygon in 2022.” – says Matt

SOLANA – whoever regretted not entering sol let him cast the first stone :). I remember how once I played a long on SOL when it was at 5$, a person supposedly knew, but still deluded.

Now on a serious note, SOL aims to conduct fast transactions without losing its core feature, decentralization. Solana operates on a proof-of-stake model on which state-of-the-art solutions have been implemented. In case anyone was wondering why the Solana network is so fast, it’s a combination of eight innovative features.

Sol makes it easy to create decentralized DApps. Rallies of investors are interested in the hybrid solana model.

MATIC – signal to buy on the group given mega low, where it was given back above $2. It gave a good profit, but it does not mean that it will not give again.
The goal of the project is to provide cheaper and faster transactions on ETH. It has a protocol, structure to build and connect blockchain networks compatible with ethereum.
Matt says he would choose ETH if he had to choose between BTC and ETH

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