Healthcare services company accepts DOGE

Healthcare services company accepts DOGE
A Canadian healthcare services company stands out from the crowd with its willingness to show support for three of the most popular dog meme cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin ($DOGE), Shiba Inu ($SHIB) and Floki Inu ($FLOKI).

“Ask the Doctor” is a Canadian healthcare services company based in Toronto. Its original purpose was precisely to provide health and medical information (similar to WebMD). It currently provides the following services through partner companies:

–       phone consultations

–       Covid-19 testing

–       travel medical insurance

–       dental treatments

–       cosmetic procedures

–       physiotherapy treatments, chiro, massages

Prakash Chand is the co-founder of Ask The Doctor, as well as its president and CEO. He also seems to be a big supporter of cryptocurrencies. 

In fact, in April 2016, HuffPost spoke with Chand, as well as Dr. Michael Warner, who was medical director at the time, about the company’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and five other cryptocurrencies) as a means of payment.

When asked why the company started accepting Bitcoin, Warner replied:

“In healthcare, most believe that the basis of patient privacy is to restrict access to the content of doctor-patient interactions. In digital health, securing the content of such interactions is absolutely necessary, but may not provide some patients with the level of privacy they require. Our customers share sensitive and confidential information with us. Until we added Bitcoin, our services had to be purchased by credit card or Paypal. For some, having a bank trail documenting a transaction with Ask the Doctor did not provide with a sufficient level of privacy.”

“Another reason for offering payment via Bitcoin is to maximise the accessibility of our services. Credit cards are not widely available. In some cultures, women don’t have the same financial freedom as men to get them. Two-thirds of our customers are women and we have customers in all developing countries. Our overarching goal is to democratise access to healthcare, and offering Bitcoin is in line with that goal.”

When asked what the company’s vision was, Chand said:

“Our goal is to replace users using Google and WebMD to get medical advice. Ultimately, no one can provide a better answer to your medical question than a trained general practitioner or specialist.”

On 14 November, Ask The Doctor announced on Twitter that support for Dogecoin would be coming in the next few weeks.

25-11-2021, Mr.Advice TEAM

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