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Bitcoin of America works with WGN Radio to promote cryptocurrency education

Bitcoin of America works with WGN Radio to promote cryptocurrency education
Bitcoin of America (BOA) is a popular currency exchange based in Chicago. They are known for their large number of Bitcoin ATM locations throughout the United States.

Bitcoin of America CEO, Sonny Meraban, and Marketing Director, Jenna Polinsky, have been aired on WGN Radio over the past few months. The BOA hopes to provide the public with more free opportunities to learn about the basics and utility of cryptocurrencies.

In the first BOA WGN radio segment, Meraban and Polinsky discuss the basics of using a Bitcoin ATM. They also talk about an additional option that they hope to promote to their beginner audience.

Bitcoin of America has recognized a major education gap and has created its own cryptocurrency user support centers known as Bitcoin Teller. This means that customers can come to such a point and ask questions regarding the purchase of cryptocurrencies. According to Bitcoin of America, all employees of the company are trained and ready to help new cryptocurrency users.

Meraban and Polinsky of BOA also appeared on air with John Landecker, where they discussed the common question “how does Bitcoin work”. WGN even added a daily Bitcoin price update sponsored by Bitcoin of America. BOA hopes to raise awareness of this topic as it has already caught the attention of many listeners.

04-10-2021, Mr Advice TEAM

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