Poland confirms the arrest of the former Wex exchange director

Poland confirms the arrest of the former Wex exchange director
Reports about the arrest of Dmitry Vasiliev, the former head of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Wex, have been confirmed by authorities in Poland. The former platform director, allegedly involved in stealing money worth millions of dollars, faces the possibility of extradition to Kazakhstan.

The prosecutor’s office confirms that Vasiliev is in custody in Poland

Dmitry Vasiliev, who once managed the largest Russian cryptocurrency exchange, was detained at the Warsaw airport in early August, but the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza made the news last week citing undisclosed sources.

The 34-year-old Russian citizen headed the now defunct Wex, the successor to the BTC-e exchange, before it was sold to a Ukrainian businessman who became a separatist fighter, Dmitry Hawchenko, in late 2018. The digital asset trading platform held withdrawals earlier this year and eventually went bankrupt.

While Vasiliev officially owned the Singapore-based Wex operator, the Russian BBC previously revealed that Wex belongs to Alexei Bilyuchenko, partner of alleged BTC-e administrator Alexander Vinnik. A Russian computer scientist, charged with laundering up to $ 9 billion via BTC-e, was sentenced to five years in prison last December by France, which rejected Vinnik’s extradition to Russia.

Polish police detained the former CEO of Wex with the help of Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization. An official of the Warsaw prosecutor’s office noted that “Kazakhstan has sent the request for the extradition of Dmitry V.”  Vasiliev has been wanted in the country of Central Asia since 2019 on the charge of stock exchange fraud. Poland has yet to decide whether to release it.

The cryptocurrency trader has been in custody since August 11, when Polish authorities placed him in pre-trial detention for an initial period of 40 days. Dmitry Vasiliev is suspected of contributing to the disappearance of $ 450 million worth of property owned by citizens of EU Member States and other countries of the world.

24-09-2021, Mr Advice TEAM

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