Bitcoin in not Speculation, Bitcoin is Salvation

Bitcoin in not Speculation, Bitcoin is Salvation
Many contrarians look at bitcoin as only a speculation with no intrinsic value or use cases. The reality is very far from their point of view. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies save lives as you read these words. This shit is real. 

I am not surprised with all the negative narration surrounding bitcoin for all these years. After all, an independent and accessible money is a serious competition for the banksters. Funny enough, JP Morgan, the biggest US bank, last week announced that it started providing their customers with bitcoin based products. This happened just 4 years after JP’s CEO Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a scam 🙂

When the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin his intention was to develop an electronic cash system that does not require third party involvement and is accessible by anyone in the whole world. He despised the flawed fractional reserve banking system, and hoped that bitcoin would be a remedy for the unfair economic model based on fiat money. 

Even with all the headwinds and fierce attacks from each side bitcoin has been getting stronger each year, showing its power to all the skeptics. It has been steadily growing out from obscurity creating real change for hundreds of thousands of people. We all hear about bitcoin millionaires and billionaires but there is a huge group of people that make a living of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that we don’t hear about in the media. This is especially true in so-called 3rd world countries where bitcoin and crypto are the last means in the war against fiat money devaluation and poverty. Citizens of countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Yemen or Nigeria have been using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to survive. Blockchain based games (lika AXIE Infinity) provide income for thousands of families without any other ways to make money. Other cryptocurrencies (like DIVI) create blockchain-based solutions that provide people in need with steady passive income in places that hope left long ago. This paradigm shift is real, slowly leveling the playing field against all the odds. It should not be a surprise that the crypto adoption is growing fastest in 3rd world countries as these people need it the most. Around 40% of all Axie Infinity players have never had a bank account, and now because of this blockchain based game they have access to digital wallets and assets with real value.   

Mainstream media, banksters and politicians can say what they want but the truth will always prevail. Bitcoin started a revolution and together with other cryptocurrencies it is the biggest opportunity for humankind in history. We can finally create and share value without the 3rd parties that take all the profits for themselves.

The road to prosperity and financial freedom is still full of traps though. If you want to start learning about the cryptocurrency space make sure to check out my book and join our free Telegram group by clicking the link below.

30.07.2021, Piotr Borowiec

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