Buying real estate with Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular.

Buying real estate with Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular.
Cryptocurrency investors are betting on real estate this year. The New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) recently conducted a poll showing that as many as 46 million Americans own Bitcoin, which is 22% of all adults. Some cryptocurrency investors, while optimistic, have expressed concerns about the safety, security and high volatility of digital asset prices.

For example, Nickel Digital Asset Management, a regulated European cryptocurrency investment manager, surveyed US and European institutional and wealth management investors who manage assets totaling $ 275 billion.

The results show that 76% of these people are concerned about the security of their digital assets. The same percentage said that for market size and liquidity, followed by 71% who see the regulatory environment for the cryptocurrency market as their main concern.

With this in mind, many cryptocurrency holders have started investing Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in less risky assets such as real estate. Ben Shaoul, managing partner of Magnum Real Estate Group, told Cointelegraph that the company has recently received more requests to sell properties to cryptocurrency holders. According to Shaoul, Magnum started conducting cryptocurrencies for real estate transactions about three years ago:

“We haven’t dealt with this before because most developers didn’t understand cryptocurrency payments. But we understood what this means and how we can organize the sale of cryptocurrencies. With the help of our legal team, we figured out how to conduct crypto transactions with regulatory approval. First we sold a few apartments and then about three years ago we sold a condominium in New York accepting cryptocurrency payments. “

Eric Hedvat, Chief Operating Officer of Jet Real Estate and Magnum Special Consultant, said that with the rapid growth of today’s cryptocurrency market, real estate BTC payments are more important than ever as they offer cryptocurrency investors the chance to grow with cash flow:

“The cryptocurrency market has created a huge network of new wealth looking to find traditional assets to invest in, such as real estate. There aren’t many commercial properties for sale with Bitcoin either.

Specifically, Shaoul noted that the income generated from the condominium building Magnum sold for $ 15.3 million in BTC in 2019 is all credit. “Bank M&T has been the tenant of this building since its construction. It’s a multi-billion dollar bank. ” This is an important detail as Shaoul further commented that people who have made money in the cryptocurrency market have no way of earning money from it or creating a steady stream of income:

“This property generates over $ 1 million in income annually. This is a very attractive offer for someone who has the money they have earned in the cryptocurrency market. “

29-07-2021, Mr Advice TEAM

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